• Brand Licensing

    Brand Licensing refers to the act of obtaining rights over a certain intellectual property, brand, icon, image or logo to develop consumer goods offering added value and an atribute of differentiation to the product. Such rights are implemented under proper legislation in exchange for appropriate compensation in the form of royalties.

  • Mission and Strategy

    We are the most important independent licensing agency in Latin America. We represent some of the most relevant brands in the industry, and it is because of their popularity, that we’ve contributed to transform the business of hundreds of licensees in our region for over 25 years. Through a personalized design of the strategy of each of our  brands, we can achieve the goal of developping products that are seemingly natural extensions of their essence, therefore reinforcing the loyalty of the consumers and contributing to its organic growth in the market.  We only represent brands that we are passionate about, and do not offer false promises as to what we can achieve.

  • Our Team

    We are an enthusiastic group of marketeers, consultants, creative minds and entrepreneurs who are passionate about our brands and commited to achieving succesful results. We cover all of the territories in Latin America working from our offices located in Mexico City, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Brazil, guaranteeing the market saviness and the positive relationships with the best partners locally for our brands in the different categories. We are the only network that efficently covers the complete region.

  • Acknowledgements

    Every year, Tycoon is recognized by some of the most important players in the industry. Outlined are awards such as the 20th Century Fox’s Homeys, Universal Studios Licensing and LIMA-Promarca Awards.

  • Our Experience

    With the most experienced professionals in the industry, we succesfully execute Merchandising, Promotions, Retail and Product Development programmes that are worthy of international recognition. We’ve collaborated with brands coming from all fields, character and entertainment, sports and lifestyle, and we hold long standing relationships at strategic levels with key manufacturers and distributors in each of our markets, as well as retailers from all tiers across the region.

  • Sales Intelligence and Client Management Systems

    We manage our clients and contracts through last generation softwares that allow us to consistently guarantee efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accuracy in our financial transactions with our clients as well as with our represented brands.

  • Social Responsibility

    Always aware of our responsibility to our peers and community, Tycoon actively participates in several causes:

    It is  a member of the Provivah fund, and through it has commited to donate the resources to build 120 homes for low income families in need. That is, one home a month for 10 years.

    Also, convinced that proper education is the best means to transform livelyhoods, Tycoon Group founded the UCAD, University of Science and Administration, where degrees are accesible and financial programmes are executed to help students finish their undergraduate courses.

    Tycoon is also one of the proud sponsors of the Museum of Memory and Tolerance located in Mexico City.