Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most downloaded and played videogame in the world! In only 6 years from its release into the digital market, it has become a worldwide phenomenon and a milestone amongst the licensing world of consumer products.

-Since 2009, the brand turns into a unique phenomenon. After the worldwide success of their different game versions, in 2016 came to theaters “The Angry Birds Movie“, with $349 million dollars in global box office. 

-As an excellent content generator, Rovio keeps consolidating itself, creating apps, animations and special content.

-Angry Birds has 91% brand recognition.

-From the game to the theaters and the franchise, Angry Birds renew itself with a fresher look and personality.

-New experience with technology, leaning on with consumer products and promotions.

-The brand is constantly launching new games.

-It has more than 107 million downloads and 5 million active users in Mexico.

-Numbers keep adding up, with 25 million fans in Facebook. 

-“Angry Birds 2” had such a successful release that achieved over 1 million downloads in the first 12 hours, and up to 50 million in the first month of its launch date.



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Angry Birds


Boys And Girls (all ages), Multitarget


Mexico, Center America, Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Brasil

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