-The Benji phenomenon released in 1974 has now become a new sensation taking the beloved classic and reintroducing it across all major platforms (Film, Digital, Gaming, Publishing, Merchandise, Events).

Benji was created by Joe Camp with a core main brand value: “Dogs are more than just pets, they’re part of our family”.

-The brand is now being relaunched by son, Brandon Camp, translating those same values for a modern audience. Benji is the story of an unlikely hero that steps up to save the day, reminding us that all of our pets are our heroes in some way.

-The “Power of Pets” started with Benji, and has grown into a huge global business: Global pet-related spending hit $100 billion in 2016 (+$51 billion five years ago). More than just a dog, Benji represents what is great about everyones’ pets!

-With a target that includes Boys & Girls, Retro Fans, Families and Pet Owners, this brand is ready to develop products for people and pets: Toys, Apparel & Accessories, Hard&Soft Goods, Services and Consumables.


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Boys & Girls (5-11 years), Retro Fans, Families and Pet Owner


Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and Ecuador

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