Cleo & Cuquín

Cleo & Cuquín

• Cleo & Cuquín’ is a transmedia brand (78×7′ television series and YouTube musical clips base on “La Familia Telerín” TV Show) is targeted at preschoolers ages from 4 to 6.

• Ánima along with Televisa, MAI and Selecta Vision are the co-producers of this transmedia brand.

• Cleo & Cuquín’ with help from their siblings, will face small conflicts and everyday problems, dealing with them the best way children know how to: playing at being cooks, actors, astronauts, detectives…

 ‘Cleo & Cuquín’ as a global brand has a Spanish, English and Portuguese YouTube channel and has been broadcasted internationally on its first year at: USA, Mexico, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel. It will be premier on 2019 at Brazil, Russia, Canada, China and France.

• Available on Netflix: Mexico, USA, LATAM and Spain.

• In February 2019 has reached + 3.6 subscribers on YouTube with, +140 million views per month, +150 K subscribers per month and over 1.5 billion views:

  • #5 in kids entertainment & animation – cross platform in Mexico.
  • #5 in kids entertainment & animation on YouTube.
  • #18 global in Mexico.

• TV: From its premiere has been always in the Top 5 ranking for preschool shows

  • # 1 preschool TV series in Canal 5- Mexico.
  • # 1 preschool TV series in Discovery Kids – Mexico.
  • Ranks top 3 TV series in Discovery Kids – Colombia, Chile and Argentina.
  • Ranks top 5 in Clan – Spain.

• Mattel is the global master toy licensee supported by Penguin Random House at Publishing.



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Cleo & Cuquín


Boys and Girls (2-6 years)



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