Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

As one of the most widely recognized vehicles the world has ever seen, the Ford Mustang is much more than just a car, it’s an iconic American brand.

First launched in 1964, the iconic Mustang has become the world’s best-selling sports car thanks to growth in international markets.

• Once only available in North America, Mustang is now sold in 140 countries

• More than 150,000 Mustangs sold in 2016

• Over 40 songs written and recorded about the Mustang

• Appeared in more than 300 films and television series

• More than 250 Mustang-based enthusiast clubs across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Australia

• Mustang leads the nearly $1-billion aftermarket parts and accessories industry as the most personalized vehicle of all time




Ford Mustang


Men and Woman


Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador

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