“What started in October 2016 is now a worldwide phenomenon! Hatchimals™ are magical creatures who live inside of speckled eggs. Who’s inside? It’s a surprise! Play with your Hatchimal in the egg, and before you know it, they’ll be ready to hatch. But, they can’t hatch on their own – YOU are the key to releasing the magic! Encourage them to hatch with your loving touch. Congratulations! You’ve hatched a life-long friend!
-Focused on boys and girls from 5-10 years, there are two different eggs YOU can hatch. Each includes one of two colours of Pengualas or Draggles.
-Thanks to the great Hatchimals success, Spin Master launched CollEGGtibles, over 70 characters to hatch and collect! These adorable CollEGGtibles have glittery wings and come from the wonderful world of Hatchtopia! The line has also expanded into special egg cartons and playsets!


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Boys and Girls (5-10 years)


Mexico, Center America, Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and Ecuador

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