L.O.L. Surprise

L.O.L. Surprise

● L.O.L. Surprise, from MGA Entertainment, is the first fashion doll with 7 surprise layers. In each layer you can find a fashion and exciting surprise: stickers, accesories, shoes and a collectible doll. Is the most exciting and amazing toy!

● 2.5 M dolls sold in 5 months worldwide and 140M views in Youtube videos…and counting.

● Is the toy #1 on Dolls category, according to NPD (June 2017) and is the first colleccionable toy that incorporates the unboxing phenomenon to the sale experience.

● Operadora Ruz is the official distribuitor in Mexico and the product will be in all market since October 2017. The support will include advertising ATB and BTL, as signage in clue retail chains.

Interested in LOL Surprise license? Contact us in arturo.roseti@tycoon.mx so we can advise you with your request.





L.O.L. Surprise


Girls (5-10 years)


México, Centroamérica, Caribe, Colombia, Brasil, Chile, Perú y Ecuador

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