Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince is the ambassador of French literature, he joins adulthood and childhood, he’s a World Peace Actor, a childhood protection advocate and a character that looks after and respect the global and outer space nature.

-With more than 200M copies sold over the world, 18M copies sold in France, 300 official translations, 500M readers, the brand is a real and actual worldwide publishing phenomenon.

-This innocent and intelligent character is a global event that transcended generations and nowadays is still present between children, youngsters and adults; the brand is synonym of quality, sensibility and high impact on transmedia channels.

-Also, Le Petit Prince is more than just the literature phenomena: for their stop motion and CGI movie, the brand earned $1,339,152 dollars on Global Box Office, and besides being part of the acclaimed “Official Selection” from Cannes Film Festival, the movie has more than 30M viewers on Netflix platform.

-With a 4-D thematic park on France with more than a million attenders per year; a musical on Catalonia with 150K viewers on three years and a Golden Record for their 20K sold soundtrack copies; high impact social media (11M fans on Facebook and 3.2M views on Youtube) and a TV series with 3 broadcasted seasons and 80 episodes, Le Petit Prince keeps updating above times and selling more than ever.

-On merchandising is the intelligent gift that not only inspires but is also commercially viable on stores and prestigious shops: Le Petit Prince has 50 licenses on France, 200 worldwide and +10K different products (toys, home&health, baby’s accessories, cups and strollers, notebooks among others). Also, has collaborated with 1st level brands like Schaffhausen (luxury watches), Sofitel (luxury hotels) and Moleskine (notebooks).

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Le Petit Prince


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Mexico, Center America, Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and Ecuador

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