Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl

-Created in 1919, with a slender figure, stylized height and black hair pulled back in a curious bun, Olive Oyl today stands alone successfully even without Popeye.

-Because of her physical appearance she is often associated with women’s fashion of all ages.

-The extensive graphic assets in her style guide portfolio provide plenty of options for product development for women of all ages. Also, Olive is a brand with very high recognition worldwide, mainly amongst women.

-She is a perfect fit for women apparel and accessories such as cosmetics.

-In Europe, she´s known as the “First Lady of Comic Series”.

-Olive Oyl has appeared near 25 thousand cartoon strips, 750 animated episodes and countless comic books published all around the world.

-The most important license for Olive Oyl is the Cheap & Chic fragrance and scarf range from Moschino.








Olive Oyl


Women (all ages)


Mexico, Center America, Caribbean, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela

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