Pedro Infante

Pedro Infante

-Undoubtedly, Pedro Infante was, and continues to be, the great idol of Mexico. Thanks to his movies (59 including 55 leading roles and 4 cameos), records (366 songs recorded between 1943 and 1956) and public appearances in Mexico and Latin America, Infante became more than a star, the most beloved human being in Mexican history.

-He is one of Mexico’s leading singers with largest number of albums sold in history. In 2010 only, his album “Las Mañanitas” sold 20 million copies. He sells in average 100K copies every year and, 60 years from his death, an estimate of 25.9 million copies have been sold to date.

Pedro Infante is an alive legend that transcended generations and nowadays is still present between children, youngsters and adults: on Google he has +10.6MM search results; on Youtube has +180MM views; on Facebook he has +500K followers in unofficial accounts; Pedro represents Mexico’s core essence, family, friends, music, taste and tradition.

-The main reason for his success was his extraordinary acting, his beautiful singing and his undeniable charm, which can’t be learned or acquired. He was a natural actor, the perfect match to all his costars, no matter if they were male or female, children or elders. Pedro Infante is, and will be, the true worldwide Mexican ambassador.

Pedro Infante is more alive than never and in November 2017 will start “The Centenary Year” that will be accompanied with a great mass media communication and publicity release; TV productions, alive musicals, museographic expositions and transmedia activations joined with an official merchandising at the height of our Great Mexican Idol in prestigious stores.



Pedro Infante


Men and Women (+18 years)


Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador

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