CD9 Official Clothing Release with M&G at Suburbia Parroquia

CD9 is an actual sensation between the mexican youngsters and in collaboration with Suburbia, we made the official clothing release, with Union Kids licensee help. For the official release 30 national media done a coverage of this new official collection that arrives to 45 stores in Mexico City.

Also, we organized some M&G with +1,000 people that watched closely, 250 lucky winners that could take a photo with its favourite band; a lot of excitement, shouts and happiness full of official band product.

We show you some photos of the Official Clothing Release and a video with the event highlights:

img_0440 img_0692 img_0684 img_0679 img_0677

img_0664 img_0662 img_0657 img_0656 img_0645 img_0642 img_0641 img_0627 img_0623
img_0613 img_0606 img_0601 img_0595 img_0591 img_0588
img_0550 img_0522 img_0520 img_0506 img_0503 img_0501 img_0495 img_0492 img_0479
img_0463 img_0446


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