Gudetama Mexico releases Youtube, Facebook and Instagram!

The release of the recent Sanrio’s brand, Gudetama, had an extraordinary reception. That was demonstrated with the subscriptions to its Youtube channel, also with their followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Just a few weeks after its release, the Gudetama social media had an incredible success and that will bring benefits for all the Licensing industry, for sure.





But the good news were up & up because the mexican teen magazine 15 a 20 published the brand release with a note titled “10 reasons why you will love the starry egg”:




Also, Gudetama will have its own branded plane with a Taiwan-Tokio route in Eva Air, a taiwanese airline. You can check all the information in the official airline website and in this Taiwan News link.



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If you want to know more about Gudetama in our website, check out our Brands Catalogue.

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