Hello Kitty partners with Another Company, its PR agency in Mexico

Since this November, Another Company -independent PR and Communication agency- will represent in Mexico the iconic Hello Kitty character. Since 12 years ago, Another Company has dedicated to lead the PR of different luxury, lifestyle and fashion brands.

Sanrio, since 20 years ago, bring the brand closer to it latin target. The strength of Hello Kitty in the world manages a delicate and cute lifestyle but always with the power of the woman that wants to stand out and success.

“For Another Company, represent Hello Kitty will be a challenge that excite us a lot. We will seize the ideology and the adorable brand concept to go deep in the love of their fans, to get new audiences. We are sure that together we will develop integral communication strategies.

Jaspar Eyears, CEO de Another Company

You know that…?

-Born in 1974, her increasing popularity has no dependance on the big or small screen exposure.  It is her versatility, that has won her a place in more consumer products than can be accounted for around the world.

-The Hello Kitty brand has more than 1300 licensees worldwide and grosses more than 5 billon dollars every year.  

-Every year, the brand counts with more than 35,000 new releases  in more than 350,000 Points Of Sale.

If you want to know more about Hello Kitty in our website, check out our Brands.

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